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David Venn


The names David, Dave if you’re running short on time. I’m a solutions journalist and storyteller from Toronto, Canada. I wear a lot of second-hand clothing because I spend all my money on flights and I can fit 95% of my life in my backpack. Feel free to contact me regarding anything about Churkle and travel; because I enjoy speaking about those things.

Tamish Multani

Co Founder

Greetings. My name is Tamishjot Multani and I am a robot business man … Hahah just kidding but seriously I do business things and play around with the numbers. The Alchemist is my favourite book, I have a tattoo that essentially says “YOLO” in Hindi and I believe that all you need to do is start.

Sofia Ramirez


I’m Sofia, that short kid obsessed with crystals, and editor extraordinaire. I take too many buzzfeed quizzes and it’s been decided by no less than fifteen (15) quizzes that I am destined to marry Jughead Jones. I read a lot and can make your written words feel refreshed, invigorated, and classy as heck – just ask DVenn. Also an avid cheese lover. But not blue cheese. Keep that trash away from me.

Mathew Mozaffari

Chief Technical Officer

Probably the most upbeat dude you'll ever meet. I live my life by saying yes - do everything you can, no matter what it is, today so you won't look back with regrets tomorrow. I'm also an aspiring influencer - I want to make the world a better place.

What We Do.

Churkle is a publication, lifestyle and a new perspective. Our content provides readers with engaging material that is meant to help inspire every individual who comes across it. Whether that inspiration gets you out of the bed in the morning, shows you how to live in harmony with others or just gives you a fresh outlook on your life, that’s what we are here for. Churkle covers important and untouched stories around the globe that get overlooked by the mainstream media. Our writers come from all walks of life in order to provide readers with a 360 view of the world. We believe in giving every nation and every person within them, a fair say; peeling to get to the core, not only the juice. You can expect to see International news headlines, features, profiles, personal essays, photo galleries, videos and more, all in light of telling the world’s stories.